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STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain


Route Description & Map

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 1

Follow the Offa’s Dyke Path past the Church. Where this National Trail goes left over a stile continue ahead you are now again on the Clwydian Way. Leave the lane and take footpath over the field towards the farm in the distance. Walk past the pond and then go across the field to the lane. Follow the road left to Bod Idris Hall. Take the footpath left past the back of the house and into the wood. Follow the track to the end of the wood.

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 2

Cross over the stile and follow the path as it bends to the right and along the low ridge to go over a stile into a small wood. Walk through and then over another stile and go left to pass the end of the wood. Continue downhill to go over a stream and then into another field. Continue to the lane.

Turn left to walk along the lane. At the entrance to the Caravan Park go ahead to and through the farmyard. Cross over the stile and the next one. Continue to follow the Clwydian Way to the Lorry Yard. Go through and to the lane. Turn left and follow to the road.

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 3

Cross over and follow the lane up passing to the right of the cottage. The path bends up hill to go underneath the power lines to the wall. When the wall bends right go directly ahead towards two small hills ahead. Pass to the right of these and continue directly on to the next low ridge. Here you should see a house with a large conservatory across the small valley. Leave the ridge by going left down between the rocks to reach the wall. Follow this to a stile on to the road.

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 4

Turn right (ahead) and follow the road up the steep hill and into the centre of Eryrys. Turn left at the pub and follow the lane. Go right at the footpath sign and alongside the wall. At the top bear right to go over a ladder stile. Go over and turn left to go ahead and over another stile.

Cross over the “green track” to the next track. Here turn left and follow the main track to a waymarker post. Turn right and go directly ahead. After crossing a stile go downhill through a small gully into the valley and the access road to the disused quarry.

Cross over the track and continue to follow the CW uphill. At the top take the stile on your left. Go right with the fence on your right. When you reach the corner of the fence go directly ahead. Pass a derelict farmhouse on your left and go to a stile at the corner of the field at the wood. Immediately turn left over another stile. Follow the path to go past the houses and the pub to the road.

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 5

Turn left past the Village Green and through the village. As the lane steeps take the footpath along the track on the right. This is the Clwydian Way. Follow this route along the edge of the wood and then down a track. Leave the track to take the footpath across the field around the Outdoor Pursuits Centre. Go down the drive for a short way before forking left to go behind the buildings to the main road (A494). Turn left down to Loggerheads Country Park.

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 6

Go over the footbridge to the complex and pass in front of it over another footbridge and turn left. You are now on the Leete Path. Follow this popular path to the road (3kms/2miles).

Turn left downhill and over the Bridge. Continue along the road uphill and at the first bend take the footpath on the left. Follow this along the edge of two fields then an access road. Continue along the edge of the field to enter a Community Woodland. Turn right uphill to walk around this woodland to the road. Turn right and walk into the village of Cilcain.

STAGE 6 Llandegla to Cilcain Map 7

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