Shrewsbury Abbey

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla


Route Description & Map

From the Canal Basin at Froncysyllte you have a choice. You can either continue to follow the Offa’s Dyke Path which goes under the aqueduct or walk across the aqueduct (possible vertigo problems). When you reach Trevor and the Canal once more walk along the towpath to the town of Llangollen.

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 1

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 2

Continue past the Horse Drawn Canal Boat Centre and the Eisteddfod Field. Go under the road and walk alongside the Heritage Railway. When you reach the Motor Museum take the bridge over the canal to the road. Turn right to walk uphill and then cross over to the footpath.

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 3

Follow this path to go above Valle Crucis Abbey. Take the footpath down, over the footbridge, and through the Caravan Park to the Abbey.

After visiting the Abbey return to the footpath and turn left. The path now follows the edge of the field. Cross over the stile and turn right to go through a gate or over the stile into the woodland.

Turn left to join the Clwydian Way. Follow this Regional Trail to the road.

Turn left past the farm and through the gate on your right.

Cross over the field into the next one and continue to the river.

Cross over the footbridge and then turn right to go past the former mill. Continue to the road.

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 4

Turn left along the road and follow to the Junction. Continue to follow the Clwydian Way through the gate to the left of the junction.

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 5

Follow this route alongside the woodland then across the fields up to Glyn. Continue along the old green lane through gates to reach sheepfolds.

Go through these and follow the path left. At the slate waymarker leave the Clwydian Way and continue right uphill. The path eventually crosses a track. Continue opposite and across the moor.

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 6

Go right at the slate waymarker to go over a footbridge. Continue to cross another a stream and to another track. Turn left along it to the road. You have rejoined the Clwydian Way.

STAGE 5 Froncysyllte to Llandegla Map 7

Continue along the road between the houses and farms to join the Offa’s Dyke Path. Follow this as it leaves the road left and crosses fields to the main road. Carefully cross over this busy road and walk into the village of Llandegla and its Church.

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