Shrewsbury Abbey

STAGE 1 Shrewsbury to Montford Bridge


Route Description & Maps

Leave the Abbey from the west door and go towards the town centre, over the English Bridge which crosses the River Severn. Immediately bear sharp left and descend to the riverside walk. Follow this for 850 yards, passing under Greyfriars Bridge then turn up Crescent Lane on your right. At the top you pass a Georgian house which was used as the home of Ebenezer Scrooge when the filming of A Christmas Carol took place in Shrewsbury in 1984. His supposed gravestone can be seen in the graveyard of St Chad’s.

Turn right and in less than 150 yards you come to the Catholic Cathedral on the left. A relic of St. Winefride is now held here.

Now retrace your steps, passing Belmont, a street to the right, up which is St. Winefride’s Primary School and also St. Winefride’s Convent of Mercy and turn back down Crescent Lane towards the river, then turn right and follow the river.

On the left you will see Shrewsbury School which Charles Darwin attended and on your right the round nave of St. Chad’s. Behind the hedge you can see on your right are the beautiful gardens known as The Dingle created by Percy Thrower when he was Park Superintendent of the Borough of Shrewsbury. There is a statue of him in these gardens which are a centrepiece for the famous Flower Show held every year in August.

Turn left over the green suspension bridge across the river, and then right and continue for about a hundred yards until you see a sign for the Severn Way on your right between houses. Turn down here along Water Lane back to the riverside.

Continue along the riverside under the Welsh Bridge and pass the Theatre Severn on your left. Opposite the theatre on the right hand side is the sculpture called the Quantum Leap built in 2009 to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury.

The route continues on The Severn Way round the loop of the river. This section is also called Darwin’s Walk. Follow the river’s edge through the area called Poplar Island to a kissing gate and an enclosed path.

Soon turn left up a flight of 27 steps, and go right down 7 steps back onto the enclosed path and continue along to another set of 27 fairly steep steps right, down back to the river’s edge where you turn left again on an enclosed path passing the garden of Darwin’s childhood house.

Soon you enter Doctors Field, then leave it by a kissing gate following an enclosed path to another gate onto open meadows along the river edge, through 2 more kissing gates and then a small gated bridge.

STAGE 1 Shrewsbury to Montford Bridge Map 1

You follow the river’s edge round a wide bend, passing 2 kissing gates to a third which leads to a series of 50 steps up to a narrow path parallel to the river, at the end of which you could go out to a tarmac road, which is Shelton Lane, but you continue on the narrow path to join the Lane and follow the bridleway sign past Mountwood Park.

Keep on along the track and do not take the public footpath which veers off to the right, and finally join the old A5 (now B4380) and turn right.

Walk along the pavement at the side of the road and within 150 yards there is a wooden post which indicates the Severn Way along a bridleway.

Turn down through 2 field-gates in close succession and follow the track to the end where you use a bridle-gate to the left of a field-gate. Veer left and follow the enclosed bridleway to another pair of bridle-gates.

Follow field-edge on your right to another two bridle-gates, join a track, pass a waymark post and almost immediately the route splits in two – veer left and follow the fence on your right.

Continue to follow Severn Way markers, through another 2 pairs of bridle-stiles.

At these gates look slightly left across the next field just to the left of a white house and you will see a post in the middle of the field. Head to this post, then another post where you will see a pair of bridle-gates at the end of the field to the left side of the white house, and in short order another pair of bridle-gates which lead out onto a road by Rossall Lodge.

Continue straight on to Grove Farm House, go through the farmyard between Swallow Barn and the Old Mill Barn and on through the gate.

STAGE 1 Shrewsbury to Montford Bridge Map 2

Go through the next gate and follow the Bridleway which bears slightly left up across the field and then follows a hedge to a field-gate.

Continue along the tarmac road past Woodland Cottages and where the road bears right keep straight (left) forward down the bridleway, soon bearing round to the right following the track.

Continue straight on following signs and soon bear slightly right along what can be a quite muddy track. At the end go through the field-gate and bear slightly left heading to the right of some distant houses, passing to the left of the large oak tree. You can see the Severn on your right a little way ahead.

Pass through a bridle-gate into an arable field with a wide fallow margin. Turn right onto this margin and skirt round the edge of field. Take the best route through what can be a boggy area to arrive at a partially hidden plank bridge. (The overhead power lines converge to this point.) Cross this bridge and follow the hedge line on your left. Aim for the metal gate in front of a red brick house. Go through the gate and exit onto the road through Montford Bridge opposite the Wingfield Arms.

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